Should I Change My URLs for SEO? – Moz

Change URL for SEO purposes?

Changing your URL?  Think about it long and hard!.  It’s not always the best idea to change your URL if you think it’s going to help your Search Engine Optimization. It may be a better idea to leave it as it is, and beef up some of your other SEO tactics.

Changing your URL can be a bad thing… be sure it’s worth it.

Changing your URL

Even a perfectly executed site-wide URL change with perfect 301-redirects in place will to take time for Google to process.  While you wait, your ranking will fluctuate and some of your pages may never recover their strength.

Should I Change My URLs for SEO? – Moz.

1965 Ford Mustang: From Sketch to Production W/Video – Motor Trend WOT

1965 Ford Mustang: From Sketch to Production W/Video – Motor Trend WOT.

Did you know the author of this blog loves classic cars?  Yep… that’s me! Especially “muscle” cars… What can I say?  This post definitely goes in the “other fun stuff” category…  Not much to do with Web Sites.

I’ve been a classic muscle car lover since way back.  I owned a 70 Dodge Charger that would put you back in your seat… And a Mustang… And a Road Runner (a favorite) And more recently a 61′ Falcon.  Now there’s a 77 Ford F150 in the back yard I bought new in 1977… and it looks like I buried it and just dug it up.  Not what you expected me to say I bet…

I get Motor Trend, and it’s a great magazine by the way, and found this article.  My last mustang was a 68′ hydrolic Rag Top, 289, 4spd, all factory. What a sweet ride!  The article brought back memories and I wondered how many of the “younger motor heads” even know the Mustang didn’t start out the way they know it.

Decide to make it a great day!